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As we spend more and more time indoors, it is more important now than ever to allow natural light and fresh air into our spaces. By adding doors, windows, and even skylights to our space’s design we can offset the ill-effects of the amount of time we spend indoors. With the launching of several new products this year, our friends at Marvin took time to explore the benefits of natural light on our overall well-being in their recent Inspired by Marvin Blog.

Marvin’s new products address the demands of our times, like their Ultimate Swinging Door that has the thinner styles and rails for optimum views, their stylish and innovative Sky Cove – think glassed-in cube meets window seat with views of the sky above and the ground below, and their all-new Awaken – Marvin’s take on the skylight of the future.

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Check out their blog here to learn more about their new products and how details can make a positive impact, not just on the design of your space, but also on your overall health.

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