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VRLDA Appoints rk MILES’ Jeremy Baker as President

VRLDA Jeremy Baker Blog | VRLDA Appoints rk MILES’ Jeremy Baker as President

MANCHESTER CENTER, VT – The Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association (VRLDA) appointed Jeremy Baker, rk MILES’ Fleet and Safety Manager to serve as their next President of their Board of Directors at their Annual Meeting on September 22nd.
Baker takes his 2-year term to heart and says his goal as President will be to continue the Board’s focus on workforce development in the building trades. He says he will help support VRLDA’s efforts to be a conduit between state legislators and technical career centers throughout the state, creating an environment that will attract young people to the industry and help keep them here in the state.

“It’s an honor to preside over this board,” Baker stated. “Collectively, we have the best interests of our membership and Vermont in mind. I will acknowledge the good work we have done and build on that in the next 2 years,” he added.
Baker has worked at rk MILES for more than 7 years, where he has been instrumental in creating and instituting employee safety and equipment operation protocols for the company’s 10 locations. In addition to his role as the new President of the Board of Directors for the VRLDA, Baker also serves as Chair of the VRLDA’s Legistlative Committee. He serves as a Director of the Board for the Lumber and Building Materials Foundation and as a Director of the Board for the Northeastern Retail Lumber Dealers Association (NRLA) where he is Chair of the NRLA’s Safety Committee.


About r.k. Miles, Inc.
r.k. Miles, Inc. is a third-generation family business founded in Manchester, VT in 1940. The company supplies lumber, building materials and home goods out of its 10 locations in Vermont and Western Massachusetts.

Established in 1931, the Vermont Retail Lumber Dealers Association was formed to fulfill a leadership role by identifying challenges, changes, and opportunities that will ensure its members’ business success and future. VRLDA is one of fourteen state and local associations across the Northeast associated with the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA).

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