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Many of our homeowner customers have told us that they have significant difficulty finding a contractor to do work for them. The difficulty is greater for small jobs.

r.k. Miles, Inc. would like to help homeowners make contact with area contractors. To this end, there is a link at the end of this notice to our Contractor List.

A contractor is included on our list at their request and only if they are an r.k. Miles, Inc. customer in good standing. Contractors are listed by their generally recognized area of specialty, such as general contracting, plumbing, tile, electrical, carpentry, etc.

We are neither recommending any listed contractor; nor, independently verifying the qualification and availability of any listed contractor; nor, the quality and promptness of any listed contractor’s work; nor, the reasonableness of any listed contractor’s pricing policy or business practices. We have no business relationship with any listed contractor other than they are a customer of r.k. Miles, Inc. in good standing.

We urge anyone using this list to first get three references about a listed contractor from their prior customers; and, only contract for work after being satisfied with those references about the contractor’s bona-fides.

In order for a member of the public, to whom this website is available, to see and use the Contractor List he or she must first accept the foregoing and expressly release r.k. Miles, Inc. from any liability on account of any dispute or dissatisfaction with any listed contractor’s work or performance.

Your clicking the ACCEPT button below is your Agreement and Release, as set forth above. If you click neither or click DECLINE, you will be denied access to the Contractor List link.

We hope your use of our Contractor List helps you get your job done in a satisfactory way. We are pleased to provide this service to you.

r.k. MILES, Inc.


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