Everyone knows that shopping can be a chore for that guy in your life. They aren’t that helpful in telling us what they REALLY want. So if you have a DIY kind of guy in your life, here are a few pointers to help shed some light on the dos and don’ts of gift giving this Holiday Season.


DON’T buy him another holiday sweater, it may be festive and warm, and you KNOW he’ll look great in it, but that sweater will gracefully find itself buried in the back of his closet along with its likenesses not long after the Holidays are over – never to be seen again.DON’T buy him clothes to change his look. You might THINK he’ll look better in those skinny jeans and that tight-fitting shirt, but he will not wear them (willingly).DON’T buy him scented ANYTHING. Cologne, Soap, Candles- he may think you are trying to tell them something else other than that you care.DON’T buy him another tie… let’s face it, when our guys HAVE to wear suits, they don’t want to stand out even more with a Donald Duck necktie.

DON’T buy him fancy socks. Though you are getting closer to getting him the practical stuff he really wants, simplicity is key.


DO buy him Gadgets! Not last year’s model- it has to be the latest and greatest. A new Makita Cordless tool with a state-of-the-art Lithium Ion Battery? Yes, he wants that . Or if you have a woodworker in your life- go all out on anything from Festool Power Tools.  He’ll love these types of gifts and owning the latest and greatest tools gives him bragging rights amongst his friends.

DO buy him tools to make those projects around the house easier – like an oscillating multi-tool (Fein & Rockwell Brands would be a hit!). These tools make short work of any project- they are versatile,  he may just WANT to finish that project you have been hounding him about for years. Accessories like tools belts, laser levels and LED flashlights are always a hit too!

DO buy him a Grill! Even though it is winter- Christmas is a perfect time to splurge on that new Weber Grill he’s been eying all year or even a Big Green Egg!  He’ll want to grill throughout the year (though, maybe he’ll need a Carhartt winter hat to stay warm!)

DO buy him Carhartt. Carhartt work wear is a tried and true gift. You can choose from a huge selection, of styles and products- and who knows, you might still be able to get him to wear what you want him to without him even realizing it- it’s a win-win!

Finally- DO buy him Gift Cards to stores he likes. Be creative in wrapping so he still has presents under the tree, but he won’t have to fake excitement when he unwraps them!



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