Fab Funiture Rehab
January 3, 2013 // Category: Paint & Decorating

One of our favorite things we like to do in the Paint dept is to resuscitate old furniture. An easy an inexpensive solution can be found with spray paint and wallpaper. In this situation, we had a simple wood table that had previously been painted cream. We wanted to find a way to make the table coordinate with some brown wicker furniture. Rather than try to figure out a way to faux paint wicker, we went to one of our favorite wallpaper vendors, Thibaut. We found a terrific match in the Texture Resource book (www.thibautdesign.com). This book is all heavy-duty vinyl wallcoverings in great textures resembling grass cloths and wovens. You can order oversized samples for $5 and $10 depending on the size you want. The first step was to lightly sand the table to insure a smooth surface. Next, we used a good solid brown color, Espresso, from Rust-Oleum to paint the table.TIPS FOR SPRAY PAINTING:
We like to use a spray trigger as it allows for better control of the spray action (you can find these at our Paint & Decorating Department- just ask!). Use several light coats allowing the paint to dry between coats. Use a razor to cut off any mistakes or glooping of the paint. Quick drying spray paint does not require more than 15-20 minutes to set up, so this will move quickly.The next step is to make a template of the tabletop by placing the table on the reverse side of the wallpaper and tracing it. Use the template to make the perfect fit. The template is then placed on the wallpaper for tracing. Cut out the wallpaper and check the fit on the tabletop. When you have a good fit, use a spray adhesive to adhere it to the tabletop. That is all there is to it.The whole project took about one hour and cost approximately $34!

Table: $10 at auction
Spray paint: $4.79
Wallpaper sample: $10
Spray adhesive: $8.99



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