Written  By: Jon Glinski – r.k. Miles – Middlebury, VT 

So you’re looking for that high polish wood finish that the pros do to cabinets and table tops.  Here are some tools that FESTOOL supplies to make this job easy and have your results look amazing! FESTOOL has a wide array of sanders that can do this job. From the handy RO90 to the beefy RO150 there is a FESTOOL for you!

Step One.  Start with a hard/polishing pad on your sander. The soft pad will work but will cause swirl marks in your higher grit applications.

Step Two.  Apply your polyurethane. I would suggest using a decent brand polyurethane as you will be “building” these layers up. A high-build polyurethane such as Minwax will work, but ZAR is far superior. As you build up your layers you must spritz with a light mist of water wipe with a clean cloth and sand in between each of the layers. FESTOOL recommends the GRANAT style paper as it is compliant with the modern VOC finishes found in stores today. GRANAT paper should be of 320grit or higher. I would suggest stepping up a grit or two as you approach your final layers.

(This is where most people will leave their finish and call it a day. FESTOOL takes it a couple steps further. To achieve that mirror like finish, follow these steps and trust me your finish will look magnificent!)

 Step Three.  Starting with your GRANAT paper at a minimum of 500grit, work your way up to 800 grit using the same spritz method in between sandings as in step 2. You will not be applying more poly at this time nor for the rest of your application. You can do a final layer of 1500grit for a truly flawless shine. If you feel your piece is as smooth as it can get with 800grit or so you can stop here.

 Step Four.  Now its on to your POLISHING. With your FESTOOL ORANGE SPONGE PAD (Med.) Apply FESTOOLS 5000grit 499021 MPA Polishing Compound with the pad. After this step is complete move to your 8000grit 493816 MPA Polishing Compound. The 8000 grit polishing compound will be applied with the FESTOOL WHITE (Fine) SPONGE PAD. FESTOOL does have higher grit polishing compounds but would only be used in automotive and marine applications.

Now your finish is complete but yet again, FESTOOL takes it one step further. As you all know, moisture from glasses can cause white rings to appear in the surface. Without this last step your finish is “open” and is susceptible to moisture.

Step Five.  Final Step Seal The DEAL!

With your piece near completion the last step is the final finish and sealing. I would recommend a Meguiars or 3M  synthetic polymers to seal the polyurethane and the wood. Apply this polymer with FESTOOLS SHEEPSKIN buffing pad. Once the polymer dries to a haze it can be buffed off BY HAND. To buff the hazed polymer use a MICROFIBER TOWEL. A synthetic polymer is a basic car wax. The Meguiars or 3M seem to work really well in independent testing. Test a few different waxes and see what works best for you.

Step Six.  Enjoy!

Jon Glinski works at rk MILES’ Middlebury store. Look for more of his blogs to come!

Questions for Jon, call or email him: 802-385-1134 direct  glinskij@rkmiles.com



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